Open Tech For Sale

Just a few moments ago, I received an email from Open Tech’s Vice President of online sales and PR that states the following sentence as the sole line in the email:

“Open Tech is For sale. This includes all trade secrets and brand equity. Thank you for tour time.”

For those who have not followed the Open Tech story, they are/were a company that created a line of computers able to install and run Mac OS X. – A feat Apple claimed was a breach of its copyright and the EULA.

The EULA, or the End User License Agreement is the preamble to installing any piece of software. In it the user agrees to certain conditions of using the software, such as not using the Mac OS in a machine not made by Apple.

Apple filed lawsuit after lawsuit trying to drive the small company under. It seems the house that Steve built finally dealt the crushing blow.

I wonder if one of the trade secrets is how they managed to install Mac OS X in a non-Apple product.


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