Creative Commons Music is Creative, not so Common

Earlier today, Brad Sucks released their second album, “Out of It” under a Creative Commons license.

The album, which is available for free download or CD, is a brilliant journey through wonderfully meolodic lyrics and themes.

Many people may think that because it’s being released in a “pay what you want” format that it’s not worth paying for, but those people would be wrong. “Out of It” is a brilliant collection of songs on par with any “big label” release.

I’ve been listening to this new album for the past few hours and it’s great. This post wasn’t meant to be a review of the album, but I will say that this is an excellent album.

Brad Sucks’ 2003 release “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” showed that he not only didn’t suck, but knew more of what he was doing than anyone else. His methods of song distribution have since been copied by Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails on their most recent album releases.

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