Real Networks wants to be sued by MPAA

Real Networks, the creators behind Rhapsody and RealPlayer have unveiled a new media playing program: RealDVD.

RealDVD takes your current library of DVDs and uploads it to your computer so you can watch it at any time (assuming you have your computer or laptop with you). The recommended hard disk space required for this is over 300GB as each DVD will take up 9GB of space on your harddrive.

One of the bullet points about the program states, “Save your movies legally, and with confidence.” It goes on to mention in several other places on the website that it’s 100% legit.

It’s believed that the RealDVD program inserts copious amounts of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to prevent you from copying the films to other DVDs or computers.

But, is it really as legal as they say it is? There’s no mention of having cleared this with the MPAA or the CCA, the company that controls the CSS software that prohibits movies from being played outside of their region or on a non-licensed player.

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