One of the fads young people like to do is wear clothing with the price tag still on as a way to brag about how much they spent on whatever it is they’re wearing.

I usually don’t care, it’s not my business.

But, today, I saw one that I had to take note of. A person had on a plain green t-shirt with the tag still attached. I was walking by him and saw the tag. That’s when I noticed it said $88, I had to look at it again, there was no way someone would buy a shirt that cost that much. But it did.

I know he was trying to brag that, “I have money I can blow on shirts like this” but, it seemed more likely that it meant, “I am an idiot, I overpaid for this shirt by $80.”

For comparison, I price-checked what I was wearing: $40 pants, $15 shoes, $5 shirt (it was on sale from $15), underwear were like, $1 each when bought in a pack of several, and $3 for my socks.

That’s $64, of course, I was wearing my watch as well, which was probably $35 (I got it free because my dad didn’t want it anymore because it was broken…. the battery was dead. I bought a $4 battery and installed it, boom, fixed watch, and I saved $31 or so since I didn’t have to buy a new watch).

I can’t believe people would spend money so hap-hazardly, you know what I mean? We’re on the verge of a Depression, surely you saw the news, several of the biggest banks in the country are in danger of going bankrupt, the Dow Jones dipped 500 points, markets in Asia are dropping because of Lehman Brothers, Merrill-Lynch is being taken over by Bank of America.

This is madness.


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