Wal-Mart Hates You

I just read on BoingBoing (link at right) that Wal-Mart’s DRM music servers are going to be closing down in two weeks on October 9th. This means that any song you bought, legally, via Wal-Mart, will cease to play the next time the files “call home” to make sure it’s a legit use of the track on the allowed computer, or if you reinstall your OS.

Upon hearing this news, I figured it’d be a good time to re-download the 7 tracks I bought over the years (the oldest being 3 years old) and burn them to CD.

All 7 tracks are unable to be downloaded. Why? According to the error I received, “Song License Owners (record studios, artists, or other 3rd parties) sometimes rescind the rights to distribute their song as a music download.”

And when I try to go to the “Music Downloads Help” section, it tells me it’s “coming soon.”

Those who try to walk the line and do things legally are being punished for it, and that’s one thing I will not stand for.


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