Wal-Mart Tries to Help Those With Outdated WMAs

Hidden beneath a pile of spam email from the year 2038, I found a lone, solitary, email from Wal-Mart stating that my music files have been re-instated and I can redownload them. It goes on to give instructions on how to burn the songs to a CD and reload them onto my computer.

Going through their system puts me back at the same screen with all the song files I bought back in 2004, only now, instead of it telling me my music is no longer available due to them being removed by the rights holder, it now complains that it’s been more than 90 days since I bought the music to begin with.

Their help page tells me I’ve not downloaded or installed their Wal-Mart Music Downloads program. So I installed and ran the program.

It too says my songs are expired. So I sent Wal-Mart an email detailing this problem.

We’ll see how they handle this.


One Response to “Wal-Mart Tries to Help Those With Outdated WMAs”

  1. owh…nice info dude…very good tips here..
    thanks admin..

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