Lawsuits for fun and profit

The other morning I was able to drive to work in the daylight. In the daylight, naturally, you’re able to see more than you’d see at night.

As I approached my exit, I spotted a billboard that caught my attention and caused me to think about all day. It was an advertisement for, that’s “Who Can I Sue.” Under the address, it said, “The Legal Process made Easy.” The image on the board was of a businessman in a suit slipping on a banana peel.

I went to the website and thought it was hilarious, in the lower left corner is a button to press to find attorneys in the event that you yourself has been sued (I wonder if the person who filed the lawsuit got started on this site).

What kind of a world are we living in that’s sue-happy? Every third commercial on television is either an ad for a law firm or a “lawyer referral service” – I’ve hated these in particular, especially the ones that say “We’ll help you find a lawyer who will help you find a doctor” – if you need HELP finding a doctor, you have more problems than needing a lawyer.


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