America 2.0

If there’s ever a time to talk about revisioning this country (The United States of America) for the future, then it’s obviously near the Presidential election.

I received this book a few weeks ago and have been reading it quite a bit. It’s a collection of 44 essays by people who are involved one way or the other in government. From a campaign worker, to professors, to Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House.

I read Mr. Gingrich’s essay several times and agreed with him more and more. Here’s an excerpt from his essay:

“For instance the recent admission by the Department of Commerce that after spending $1.3 billion they are going to drop the effort to develop hand-held computers for canvassers in the 2010 census. Instead, they plan to revert to paper-and-pencil and hire over 600,000 temporary workers at a cost of approximately $13-15 billion ($37 per person counted). This means that by 2010 the cost of the census will have almost doubled since 2000, having already doubled since 1990.”

(You can read his full essay on the website at

He goes on to talk about a “Rate Your Government” site where people can rate their government representatives whenever they want to and leave comments about their representative.

I already do this to some extent by sending messages to my local government members as well as the people representing my state/district in congress. But, one centralized place to do this would be vastly superior and easy to do.

To go into all of the essays listed in the book would be too long. Each essay in the book is available on the website. In all, this book is a collection of ideas for changing the future of our government using the tools brought about since the advent of the Internet to enact change.

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