Steven Levitt Lecture

*None of the photos I took of the event turned out good enough to be included on this site, this is his file photo from his official website*

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing famed economist Steven Levitt at the UNF Arena.

He spoke about his book, Freakonomics, a little about what drove him to become an economist, and about his next book, tentatively titled Superfreakonomics.

He related the story of how at his 20 year high school reunion, he sought out his old AP Calculus teacher to see if he would remember him. Upon finding him, it took a few minutes to place Mr. Levitt. “You’re the guy who got a 2 on an AP Calculus exam!” the old teacher exclaimed.

And he was right.

Mr. Levitt wasn’t good at math, but fought hard to make it through MIT. His father imparted these words of wisdom which would guide the younger Levitt along his path of finding the link between abortion and crime rates, as well as corruption in sumo wrestling:

“If you have no talent, try to be good at what everyone else is ashamed of.”

His father, a world-renowned expert in intestinal gasses, clearly used that motto in his professional life.

That’s not to say that either of them are without talent, for it took immense talent to get where they are in life.

I was hoping though, that Mr. Levitt would speak a little about the current economic situation in the United States, but, as I should have remembered, that’s not his field. He is more concerned with what everyone else ignores.

As always, the link to the Freakonomics blog is at the right, and his official website is here.


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