The end of Free Labor

Andrew Keen, one of the men who introduced me (sort of) to the issues this blog tackles has announced on Internet Evolution that the coming recession and depression will end people working for “free” on Wikipedia, blogs, Flickr, etc.

But, do people really consider this “working”? I come home every night and write a little on my blog. To me, it’s catharsis. I enjoy learning about things in these fields and post what I find online (and yes, I do sometimes editorialize). If other people enjoy my writing, that’s excellent.

While, I have read Keen’s “The Cult of the Amateur” and found it a pretty good, if short, read. His stance that the “blogosphere” is nothing but an echo chamber doesn’t really resonate with me. “Everyone’s talking, no one is listening” – while I agree with that to an extent, I don’t consider what I do talking without listening. I listen to others and post the findings here.

One Response to “The end of Free Labor”

  1. I had a full response to this all typed up that poked a bunch of holes in the argument until I realized that there’s no argument even being made here. That’s because Keen is ranting about a group of people that don’t exist – the “non-profit for-profit corporation”. FOSS and free content are as much a part of any business model as any for-profit venture, and Keen has no business talking about the economics of free software if he can’t even see that.

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