Open Tech… “lost or broken”

As some of you may remember, Open Tech was a company that tried to compete with Apple Computers by making “open” computers – computers that would run the Mac OS, even though Apple claims such use is a violation of their trademark and copyrights.

Naturally, Apple filed lawsuit after lawsuit to keep Open Tech’s computers out of the marketplace, a move which ultimately forced OpenTech out of business.

Open Tech tried to sell itself on its website, but no one bought it, so a few days ago they resorted to selling themself on eBay.

Unfortunately I did not have even $35,000 to muster a starting bid, but I did keep an eye on the proceedings. Early this morning the auction closed with 0 bids because, according to eBay, “The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken.”

How do you lose or break a company? Granted, the company exists only on paper now… Something tells me something else is going on here.

Open Tech for sale?


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