Major Principles of Media Law

I just read the 2009 edition of this book by Wayne Overbeck. It should have been called “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Media Law, But Didn’t Know to Ask.”

The first thing I noticed about this book, obviously, was the cover. The cover is a blue-tinged picture of the YouTube homepage. Clearly visible is the words “YouTube” and their slogan, “Broadcast Yourself.”

After reading the first few chapters, I realized the choice of cover was deliberate, it’s almost like a rulebook, “Express yourself, but follow the rules.”

The style of writing is a bit dry, but you can’t really liven up Supreme Court proceedings too much. It provides the law simply and elegantly, down to the Supreme Court case, or cases, that caused the law to change across the land. It even has references to the appropriate law journals to look up each case in further detail.

Book’s website


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