MPAA vs. Obama

In an article on, they mention the MPAA is asking the soon-to-be Obama Adminstration to create internet filtering technology to limit or prohibit the sharing of televison shows or movies online.

The article goes on to say that Obama will be the first president to nominate a Copyright Czar, I nominate Lawrence Lessig.

MPAA urges Obama


2 Responses to “MPAA vs. Obama”

  1. what the hell is with all these Czars congress, we are not in Rome or Russia or wherever the crap

  2. Bradley Hall Says:

    I’ve never understood it either. I mean, I remember when we had a “drug czar.” I looked up “czar” and found that it was a ruler of some kind, so I thought it funny that we had a “ruler of drugs” fighting against them. And we all know who won the war on drugs.

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