Millenial Makeover


According to authors Morley Winograd & Michael D. Hais, American politics go through a change every forty years. The authors believe that the 2008 election cycle would usher in a new makeover for the millennium.

Part of the change is due to the rise of technology, most of it invented in the past 30 years: Computers, cell phones, the Internet, etc.

As a registered voter for the past three presidential election cycles (among other local election cycles, and observer of other elections before I came of age to vote), I have seen this change firsthand.

Back in 2000 when Bush first ran for president, there wasn’t any spiffy websites about him or Al Gore, no celebrities composing songs or making movies about whey their pick is the best pick. MySpace & YouTube didn’t exist as they do now.

In 2004, the race was between John Kerry and Bush. The Internet aspect increased, but not as much as it skyrocketed during the 2008 race between John McCain and Barack Obama.

During this race, I would get emails from urging me to vote Obama and emails from McCain supporters urging me to vote for him. There were websites, blogs, YouTube videos, songs, student rallies, the list goes on and on.

This book, while published back in March, is an excellent resource to see how the future of politics and elections will be played out in the future.

While the authors (hopefully) had no way of knowing Barack Obama would become the victor in the presidental race, he does have a few more mentions than John McCain. Though, Mr. Obama did promise the White House would have a Chief Technology Officer under his command.

YouTube has played a rather big part in politics in the past two election cycles, hosting campaign clips and videos from each of the candidates.

In all, this was a rather good read about the future of American politics.

Official website.


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