Electronic Gaming Monthly: An Obituary

While this doesn’t have much to do with cyberlaw and such on the surface is the fact that Electronic Gaming Monthly is no more. Long the standard bearer in US video game journalism, EGM was a force to be reckoned with for most of its 20 year run.

EGM was founded by Steve Harris in 1989 and the magazine quickly became one of the top selling magazines for video game information. EGM was a magazine for all systems, and all levels of players and readers.

Competitors came and went, each offering something different in addition to video game news and reviews, each one disappeared.

When the Internet started gaining momentum in the late 1990s and early 2000s, EGM was still there, struggling, but there. Videogame-centric websites started popping up offering tips, reviews, and such for free. EGM’s empire began to crumble.

In 2003, Ziff Davis (former owners of EGM) launched 1up.com as an online supplement to the magazine. This could be seen as the beginning of the end of EGM.

Today, Ziff Davis sold 1up.com to the Hearst Corporation, and since most of EGMs content derived from that website, Ziff Davis saw fit to cease publication of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

EGM leaves behind scores of saddened fans.

Full story on Kotaku.


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