Generation Text

generation-text When I picked up this book, at first I thought it would be a bit like Born Digital, a study about Digital Natives and how they’re a generation unlike any generation that existed before it.

Never before have I been so happy to have been so wrong.

Dr. Michael Osit is a clinical psychologist who primarily deals with parents and their children. This book is his findings and thoughts on what he calls “Generation Text.”

The book is listed as a “parenting” book, but, oh, it’s so much more. I would recommend this book for anyone who has contact with “Generation Text.” That would include parents, teachers, babysitters, etc. 

As a clinical psychologist Dr. Osit helps families solve problems by talking about them and working together to come to a solution. (I know this is commonly confused with psychiatry, which tries to solve problems with drugs).

Dr. Osit shows several case studies of his patients (names changed to protect the innocent, I hope) and how they were able to reach a happy medium in conflicts involving members of “Generation Text.”

This text is incredibly helpful. It covers topics from time management, to social responsibility, to how to deal with peer pressure in an online environment.
Generation Text book site.


3 Responses to “Generation Text”

  1. Thank you so much for your interest and support for what I believe is an extremely important subject for anyone who is in the care of children and adolescents. You are correct in stating that this is more than a “parenting book” because it is also about our culture – and how technology is strongly impacting our quality of life. We all need to accentuate the benefits and positive power of technology and mitigate its negative effects on psycho-social functioning.

    Dr. Michael Osit
    Generation Text: Raising Well Adjusted Kids In An Age Of Instant Everything

  2. Bradley Hall Says:

    Thank you for writing this book, but I have to ask, how did you find out that I reviewed it?

  3. My guess is Google Alerts! Ever tried it? You can get a daily email every time Google indexes a new page containing your search term.

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