Googling Security (Addendum)

Last month I reviewed a book by Greg Conti called “Googling Security” about how by using Google products such as Google Earth, Maps, and Gmail, you unknowingly allow Google to be privy to information about yourself, your friends, and your browsing habits.

As the book was published in October, Mr. Conti did not know about, or have access to, Google Chrome, the new web browser Google released last month as I was writing the review.

I recently installed Google Chrome on my primary computer as I was having problems getting Mozilla Firefox 3 to work on my machine (I’ve used Firefox 1 since it came out and only decided to upgrade because certain sites were no longer being cooperative with Firefox 1).

The first thing I noticed upon installing and running Chrome was the page that displays when you first open it. It displays the 9 “most visited” web pages, it even has a little picture of the web page listed.

To the right of that is my most recent bookmarks and recently closed tabs.

If someone were to gain access to my computer all they would have to do is open Chrome to see what my favorite websites are, what the last few bookmarks I’ve added are, and possibly gain access to my email (as my email account is one of the nine “most visited” pages).

I intend on finding out how to cease this activity, and find out how to make Firefox work.


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