The Battle for Barrels


Everyone has most likely seen the Mad Max series of films. Rogue bands of thugs roam the Australian outback in 1970s era cars and motorized monsters looking for more “juice” to power their rides.

This book, “The Battle For Barrels” by Duncan Clarke explains his theory that “peak oil” is a myth.

Wikipedia defines “peak oil” as “the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline.”

Mr. Clarke brings up various theories and talks about scientists and experts about why oil is believed to be almost, or certainly passed, its peak, but the fact remains thusly:

No one knows how much oil is left under the ground, or even where it all is. New oil pockets are found all the time. Mr. Clarke even mentions this fact by saying that the entire peak oil theory is based on the idea that geology has reached its limits.

One thing is for certain, peak oil will always be on the forefront of people’s minds whenever they approach the gas pump, now more than ever, with the ever increasing price of gasoline.
Publisher’s page for the book.


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