Talk with Greg Conti

The other day I sent an email to Greg Conti, author of Googling Security, reviewed earlier on this site.

I talked to him about Chrome, Google’s new browser. His book came out just as Chrome was the hot new darling. This was the main part of my email:

“I installed [Chrome] the other day to check it out (it looks pretty cool), but it does have a lot of possible security problems. The main one being whenever you open it, it displays a page with your top 9 most visited websites. As a user, this makes navigation pretty easy, but for someone who isn’t supposed to be on your computer, this could be a way to find out more about the person who owns the machine.”

His reply:

“You’ve asked an interesting question about Google Chrome. I took a look at it and while from the usability side it looks interesting, I’m hesitant regarding the privacy implications. Installing an application on a PC typically gives the application full access to the files/data on that machine, a risky proposition depending on how much you trust
the source of the application. When the source (Google) also owns DoubleClick I get edgy.”

He went on to mention Iron, a variant of Chrome that is believed to remove Google’s tracking code.



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