WIPO Magazine, December 2008

I recently received the latest issue of WIPO Magazine, the official publication of the World Intellectual Property Organization (which is a part of the United Nations) in the mail the other day.

I love the WIPO Magazine, and no, I’m not paid to say that. It comes bimonthly and alerts me to different happenings in the world of Intellectual Property all over the world, things that I otherwise would not have known.

It’s also fun to talk to my mother on the phone and hear her bewildered saying “The mail came, you got a big envelope from… Switzerland?” But I digress.

This latest issue features a synopsis of Mr. Francis Gurry’s acceptance speech after being elected Director General of the WIPO.

It goes on to mention UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon speaking about how the WIPO is a “unique organization with a unique contribution to make in meeting the global challenges faced by the UN.”

There’s an article about CERN and how their Intellectual Property and patent portfolio has been used to create large hadron colliders and Pet Scan machines among other things and that 60% of their patents are currently licensed.

It goes on to say that current PET Scan technology is “old” by CERN standards as it was created via what CERN created back in the 1970s.

WIPO website.


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