Clearly Defined Intellectual Property Rights

I picked up a computer magazine today. As I was perusing it, I came across a joint advertisement for Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008.

The ad mentions that virtualization can somehow simplify the data and call centers, but that’s not what caught my eye, at least, not at first.

Toward the bottom of the ad, it says, “With it you can bring Windows Server 2008 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server together securely and reliably, with clearly defined Intellectual Property rights.”


I remember reading Nicholas Petreley’s editorials in Linux Journal back in the day where he would mention how a partnership between Novell and Microsoft was bad. I read the articles but never really knew what he was advocating against.

I remember the words “patent cooperation,” “covenant not to sue,” and something about Novell paying Microsoft a large sum of money being part of it.

I’ve sent an email to the PR departments of both Novell and Microsoft and will report back as soon as I hear from them.


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