Another one bites the dust

A while back, I believe it was Cory Doctorow who stated that one by one all of the legal methods of obtaining music are dying and taking their DRM with them and that the only way to assure your music will be playable tomorrow is to get it via less than legal means.

Today I would like to announce the death of one of the contenders: Ruckus.

Ruckus Networks was a contender in the legal music download department shared by Apple, Wal-Mart, Napster, and several others. What set them apart was that they offered their music for free.

Of course, there were strings. It was ad-supported and you could not burn the music you downloaded to a CD or bring it over to an MP3 player (though I believe you could make use of Plays-For-Sure). Your license was only good for 30 days, but to renew your license, you simply had to try to play it in the Ruckus Player.

It was a simple system and it was good.

It was targeted toward college students, the demographic that always likes a free meal, a free shirt, and free music. You had to have a .edu email address to make use of the system.

I liked Ruckus, I used it to check out new music that I didn’t want to have to pay Apple for. Then, if I liked the music, I went and bought the CD. Several times I was able to find music via Ruckus I couldn’t find in the local brick and mortar stores.

Its passing will leave a void in many people hungry for good, free, music.

Not much is known about why Ruckus was closed. The website merely says it will no longer be provided.

I will look into the matter.

Ruckus Website.


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