Kindle Under Fire

In a Wall Street Journal article today, the Author’s Guild is having a field day with Amazon’s new Kindle 2.0 eBook device.

The Authors Guild find fault in the Kindle’s ability to read out loud any text on the screen, including that of ebooks displayed on it.

The contention causing all the headaches is that this is a separate right, one that has to be paid for and that the Kindle is illegally trying to take over the audio book market.

WSJ Article.


2 Responses to “Kindle Under Fire”

  1. Somebody call the waaaaaaaaahmbulance! Serious voice actors had better watch out: robotic text-to-speech is only an overpriced device away from destroying the audiobook market entirely.

    Give me a break.

  2. The Kindle does as well as can be expected without it being a touchscreen

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