A Million Little Pieces


I came across this book at the library in Callahan. They have an ongoing book sale, a small amount of books on a shelf for just a little over a dollar each.

Some of the books are older books the library is getting rid of, others are there because someone donated it to the cause. This book was a donation.

I’d heard about James Frey and his book, “A Million Little Pieces” several years ago. There was a rumor that some of the book was fabricated, that some of the things Mr. Frey wrote about didn’t happen the way he claims, or that they didn’t happen at all.

Knowing this, I decided to pick it up, see what the fuss was about.

I started reading it in the car before driving home. The opening chapter is about how he awoke on an airplane with no idea where he was or where he was going, or even who he was to meet when he arrived. He talks to the flight attendant who helps him walk to a wheelchair and meet his family.

Mr. Frey’s writting style is like none I’ve read before. His use of repitition serves to illuminate how he feels or what he’s thinking. He doesn’t use quotation marks to denote when someone is talking, he leaves that to context clues for you to figure out. It takes a few chapters to get used to, but once you do, it’s easy reading.

Once or twice a year, I come across a book so moving that time spent not reading it is time spent trying to hurry along with what I’m doing so I can go back to reading it. This was one of those books. I’m expecting the sequel, “My Friend Leonard” will be much the same way.

While writing this, I found Mr. Frey’s website. On it he has a few excerpts from the book including the first two chapters. Check them out.

Link to book’s author webpage


2 Responses to “A Million Little Pieces”

  1. Bradley Hall Says:

    I know TSG broke the lid off of this. And I could have talked on end about that, but I didn’t. This is a really good book. Even if I found out that it was 100% fiction, I would still enjoy it.

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