Danger Mouse’s blank album

Most people know DJ Danger Mouse as half of the duo of Gnarls Barclay and as the guy who mashed up Jay Z’s Black Album and The Beatles’ White Album to create the C&D’d upon creation Gray Album.

His latest offering, Dark Night of the Soul, may not see the light of day on store shelves as his record label, EMI, has decided not to release the album “due to legal reasons.” Given Danger Mouse’s gray past, it can be easy to see why.

But, with an album containing collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, why would they decide not to release it? What are the legal reasons mentioned? No one is saying.

But what Danger Mouse is doing is odd. On the official site for the project, he’s selling a CD-R with artwork for the album. The idea is that people will buy the CD-R and download the album from the Pirate Bay or somewhere and burn it to the CD.

I’d be up for it if it came with a box for the CD-R as well.

BBC article


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