A large body of work

I came across this from BoingBoing.net.

Damien Hirst built a gigantic 20 foot tall bronze sculpture of the human anatomy, he based the design for his sculpture from a Humbrol anatomy model made for children.

Humbrol filed a lawsuit against Hirst.

Giant Anatomy.

Did the Campbell’s Soup Company file a lawsuit against Andy Warhol when he made his soup label collection? Also, since when can you copyright the human body?

Granted he did copy THEIR copy of the human body.

Back in the 1960s when Hasbro was developing the world’s first “action figure” – GI Joe, they tried to get the GI Joe body copyrighted, their lawyer said it could not be done as who can say they own the design of the human body?

After that setback, it was decided to put a scar on each figure’s face. Later after a late night sculpting spree, the man who sculpted GI Joe’s hands realized he sculpted the thumbnail backwards. After some thought, it was decided to leave the thumbnail as-is and copyright that as the body piece of copyrighted protection.

What does this have to do with Hirst? I don’t know/


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