The other day, after my Friday ritual of having coffee with some friends, I headed to a store to acquire some 100-watt light bulbs to keep my new chickens warm.

As I stepped onto the sidewalk, I was approached by a young guy who wanted a moment of my time. It was still light out and there was a few people nearby, so I said sure.

He proceeded to tell me he had a friend who worked in a local theatre and was able to sneak in a camera and record brand new movies onto DVD-R, “just like Blockbuster” and would sell me a copy of Watchmen for only $5.

Of course I turned him down. It still bugs me though, the fact that he was hawking stolen wares like that in broad daylight. A part of me thought he might have been an undercover officer. I quickly put as much distance between us as possible.

After buying my lightbulbs, I saw him talking to some other person. Money changed hands.


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