A Waste of Time

A few days ago, Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV Online, the latest in the Final Fantasy series, and the second to be an Online game.

The previous game featuring the Online suffix was Final Fantasy XI Online, a game I play quite often. Over the 2.5 years I’ve spent as a member of the game, playing as the Paladin “Yugdaba,” I’ve amassed nearly 2000 hours in the game. I’ve also spent $450 for being able to play every month, and getting expansions as they became available.

Just a few hours ago, the atmosphere in the game was kind of somber, but with a “never say die” spirit. With the release of Final Fantasy XIV, it will inevitably siphon some of the players from FFXI to the new world, of course, in the new game, everyone will have to start from level 1, what they were in any other game doesn’t matter.

The thing that everyone was worried about was whether or not FFXI would continue to survive, would enough people leave the game to make it non-profitable?

If that happens, then that means that everyone who stuck by the game through the years (it’s been around since 2003) will have basically wasted their time.

Of course, Square-Enix, as well as every other company that has an MMO, states quite often that no one who plays their game owns anything in it. It may have taken you hours of leveling and questing to obtain that sweet looking AF armor, but, it’s not yours. You may have spent millions of gil on a Koenig Shield, but as far as SE is concerned, that series of 1s and 0s is theirs.

One of my college professors once told me that college was the only place where you pay to do work, but, he never played an MMO.

As for the final fate of FFXI, only the vicissitudes of fate know for sure.


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