No Tribute for Billy Mays

It really irks me right now. I tend to have CNN on all day, and while they are reporting actual news, they have been reporting “around the clock” coverage of Michael Jackson’s death.

Farrah Fawcett has received a little bit of coverage, but, poor old Billy Mays, he’s barely received anything more than “oh, this guy died.”

Billy Mays was a salesman, he made millions of dollars selling people Oxy Clean and everything else he sold.

He even had a television show, Pitchmen, where he talked about how to pitch products.

Over the past few months, he became a parody of himself, almost as trite as that “In a world…” guy on the movie trailers. With Billy, you knew what was involved: A lot of yelling, him using whatever product he was hawking and marveling at how well it did what it was supposed to.

Did his products work? That’s not the point, I have no idea. But the fact of the matter is that we have lost one of the most famous bearded men on television today.


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