All that is wrong with the world

If you’re a gamer like me, you most likely venture to several video game websites throughout the course of your week. No doubt you’ve come across an ad or two for the online game Evony. The name ring a bell? No? Well, let me post one of the adverts below (solely so you can see what I’m talking about, I am not, nor do I want to, advertise this game):


If you can’t see the pic it shows a drawing of a rather busty woman urging you to, “Play now, my lord.” Other ads for this game feature other drawings of women, all of whom say things like “Save your lover!” or “Play discreetly in your browser for free.”

From just those three lines and the image of the busty woman and the tease of being able to “play forever, for free” as another advert says and you can see where I’m going with this. One naturally gets the idea that the game is full of such things… for free.

Newer adverts for the game feature real live partially nude human women. I’ll not post an image for the sake of decency.

What does this game look like? Is it a magical world full of busty women? Will my computer need a new video card to handle all the jiggling? Does it come with a Jiggle Counter? No, actually it looks like this:

evony-gameplay(Image from MMOHUT)

This big booby-filled ad campaign for a game that looks like Civilization III but without the warmth?

Not only does this game basically lure players to click on the ad to sign up for the game, it is also false in its promise to being free. It’s free to sign up and start playing, but if you want to actually play the game, you have to pay real world money in order to accumulate more in-game currency.

Images in the game world come from other games (particularly the Civ series) and item descriptions come from either Civ or Wikipedia.

In short, why does the company behind this game still exist? They have perpetrated several acts of wanton copyright violation, filled the Internet up with more pictures of naked and near naked people, lied to their potential customer base, and delivered upon the world one of the shoddiest products ever made.

The official Evony forums have nearly 40,000 active members. So it can be said that Evony most likely has, at minimum, that number of players. How many of them pay for more in-game currency is a statistic I do not have access to.

Arksark article on Evony’s patchwork of stolen parts


15 Responses to “All that is wrong with the world”

  1. Maybe people should start ironizing the company and the players of it’s game on every ocasion for their obnoxious marketing campaign…

  2. Your completely right for what you wrote about the game “Evony.” Although I haven’t even played the game, I would think that the game was a great advertisment for some people but the picture compared with the game had no similarity or a comparison.

  3. To me when I first saw this, it looked quiet interesting but from reading what you wrote about it and a bit of image researching. This game would of been good if it had similarities with the image that they posted in ads.

    • Bradley Hall Says:

      That’s exactly what people think when they sign up, that you can save a busty woman from some danger. Then find out it’s an RTS kind of game.

    • The game is good, very addictive & passes the time.. You only need to pay real money if you want to speed up the process of the game. It’s quite playable without the need to spend any money at all.!
      And.. sex sells.. It’s a basic principle of everything.. Take aftershave & perfume adverts.. the stuff comes in a little, over priced bottle & smells nice.. So why the need to advertise it with half naked rippling men & lustful equally half naked sexy ladies.. Coz it makes you buy!
      If you’re disappointed that the game isn’t full of images of half naked busty women then you should probably be looking on porn sites not gaming sites!!

  4. I looked about the game but i never signed. Any game picture is a copy of a other. Where is law there are so many publicity of this everywhere you cant pass a day without it. The creator are good for jail. And when i see something like this i wonder about one thing. It is so luring and copied that i it make me think that they look for your password you entered and try website like paypal with your e-mail and password. This is so easy and finally, never write your e-mail or your password in any website featuring naked girls. XD

    • Bradley Hall Says:

      Well, not your normal email address. If I signed up for this game, I’d create a new email address on the spot and have a password that’s completely different from any I’ve used before.

  5. Ashly (not a girl) Says:

    I think this article is completly wrong. You haven’t even played this game before and you are not only putting it down for yourself. But for people that haven’t even played it. I agree with what you say about the naked woman. They have nothing to do with the game at all. I have played civ 3 ,2 4 before and the graphics are nothing like civilization. The graphics on civ are WAY better than evony’s graphics. I have heared a lot of dissliking towards evony and i thinkl that you guys just need to try it BEFORE you put it down. I lke RTS based games and i think anyone who likes RTS games would like it to. I like it becasue I can log off anytime i want and they will still be working and toiling away. The game may sound simple but, when you play it. You find out that theres a lot more than meets the eye.

    • Bradley Hall Says:

      I’m sure the game is probably pretty good, after all, people do play it. The main attack I’ve been trying to focus on is how their marketing department is portraying the game. I would not be attacking the game if there really was a queen to save or the characters looked as busty as they do in the ads. The fact that they use a naked woman, or a partially naked woman in the ads is just a draw to lure in unsuspecting people to play the game.

      I believe one of the more recent Ninja Gaiden games used a clip of the mammary glands of one of the characters bouncing up and down as one of their ads for the game in Japan. People complained, but the point is the clip came from the game. Evony has been attacked not just by me and several other people, but by the fact that some of the images they’ve been using aren’t just not from the game, but lifted from other sources without permission.

  6. I’ve been playing the game for a little over 2 months I’m in the top 500 players out 15000 (there’s over 120 servers with about 10 to 20k players per server). I haven’t spent a penny yet. Many do, but the game is completly playable with out spending. There’s a great community of people you chat with while you play the game. You can form alliances and it’s fun to help new players and beat up the bullies in the game. However obnoxiuos the ads are play the game before you pass judgment. Just like when I have a friend who has a blog I roll my eyes and go “oh Really?”

    • Bradley Hall Says:

      Like I said, I’ve not played the game. I’ve said that many times. My post and these comments are about the advertisements that entice people to play it.

  7. chad willhite Says:

    hey the game is awsome i just wish my school didnt block it a love the game just wish i could build more than one thing at a time but awsome game nun the less

  8. Pretty admirable post. I encountered your blog and wanted to say your information seems legit. Will keep reading. Thanks.

  9. Couldent have put it any better my self, some points in this article is very accurate.

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