Blender For Dummies


I received this book mere days after Style Mac decided to stop being a blog about such things. For the past couple months this book has languished while I decided what to do with it. I finally decided that since lines tend to cross between what I did on Style Mac and what I’m doing here (and that this site shares readers) I decided to post the review here.

When I received this book, I noticed that the CD-ROM that accompanied had a large crack on it and would not run on any computer I tried it on. I then went to the Dummies website for technical help. After a handful of minutes talking to a real live person, he asked for my name and address and shipped a new CD out the next day. I obtained the new disc shortly thereafter. Excellent.

Blender is an open source 3D imaging program with flavors available for Windows, Linux, and Mac computer, as well as a myriad other operating systems.

I found Jason van Gumster’s style easy to follow. The fact that the version of Blender he’s using is also included on the enclosed CD helped tremendously even though I had already downloaded and played around with it from the official Blender website previously.

My mother, who fancies herself a budding 3D imaging artist has used Blender for about two years. When she found that I had this book, she tried to take it over on numerous occasions. Every time I see her using Blender now (which is quite often), she tells me of something new she found via this book. This is not the only book on 3D imaging either of us has read.

I have always loved the Dummies series of books (I have at least ten of them) and this one is no different.

Blender For Dummies web page.


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  1. Would you be interested in using your blender skills in producing a short 3d vid for the Open Rights Group?

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