WIPO Magazine June 2009

I know it’s a bit late for an article on the new WIPO Magazine, but my copy got lost behind my bookshelf and it wasn’t until I was cleaning up today that I found it (which is also the reason for all of the updates today).

The new issue of the WIPO Magazine (World Intellectual Property Organization Magazine) features an article on World IP Day (which was April 26th) and an excellent article on the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth (the man who invented the Braille language for the blind). There is also an article on how eBay has had to pay for others selling counterfeit products on its site.

If you go to the link listed below, you will not find this issue of WIPO Magazine, they still have the April issue listed. The site should switch over to this issue soon. On the site there is an email address you can use to obtain a subscription to WIPO Magazine for free. It is how I obtained my subscription and it never gets boring when you see “Geneva” written on a letter in your mailbox.

Wipo Magazine link.


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