Ronald Reagan for Florida State Senate?

When I checked my mail today, one of the few things I found inside was an oversize postcard with a giant picture of former President Ronald Reagan on it. Below his picture was a blue and red box that read “Quiggle. Republican. State Senate.”

The back of the postcard does little to clear up the “What!?” moment that overtook me while standing in the road. On the top of the back it says “Dan Quiggle is a Ronald Reagan Conservative.”

Then there are some pictures, Ronald Reagan is in EVERY ONE OF THEM. Only two of them feature Dan Quiggle himself.

Not only that, but the postcard states Quiggle worked with Reagan in his Post-Presidential office.

Upon looking at Quiggle’s website, I must say that it’s quite odd that he looks nearly exactly as he did in the pictures of Reagan, he just has a bit of graying hair now.

In all, this does not tell anyone how good of a job Quiggle did when he worked with Reagan or how he’d do as a member of the State Senate.


One Response to “Ronald Reagan for Florida State Senate?”

  1. […] of Ronald Reagan on the front page, one District 8 voter asked, tongue-in-cheek, if in fact, Ronald Reagan was running for the State Senate.  And, more than 21 years after the former President left office (and 20 years after Quiggle […]

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