The Great MySpace Swindle

A couple weeks ago on BoingBoing, one of their posters posted a few things about the San Francisco Zine Fest. They also posted a picture of one of the zines, “The Great MySpace Swindle.”

Swindle is a one-shot zine by Sean Logic in which he made a fake profile on MySpace and saw what events unfolded. The zine reads pretty easy and is fully readable in about 20 minutes.

At the end though, you’re left wanting a bit more, such as, who was that guy who tried to meet the fake girl?

Sean’s writing is prety good, though I would have preferred more statistical integrity, like, why make one fake profile? I feel he should have made at least six profiles, but only did things with five of them. The last one should have been a control to see what happens when you make an account and do nothing.

In all, this was a wonderful zine.

The price is $2 if you mail in a check, but $3 if you use PayPal. I used the PayPal option and received not only the Swindle book but, another zine, stickers and a button too.

The email to order a copy is, I’d recommend emailing them first and seeing if there’s any copies left.


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