Obama’s school address

Today President Obama gave a speech to every school and to every student who decided to pay attention (as long as their schools had a television to turn on or decided to turn it on).

Over the past week, there has been nothing but news flack on all sides asking whether or not the President should address the young people of this country directly. Some said it was Communist, others said it was right, after all, he’s the President.

I was not able to see the speech today, but I did read the transcript of it on the White House website (link below) and I feel that Mr. Obama is right on the money.

His speech was geared for young people. He referenced Facebook, MySpace, Google, Xbox, and other things that young people know about. He referenced Michael Jordan and the troubles he faced as a youngster.

The bottom line of the speech was “stay in school,” though, it did not feel like a speech, it felt like someone giving advice to someone younger.

Text of Obama’s Speech.


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