Clannad: After Story

*While this is listed as a book review, this is an anime, not a book (though there should be a manga or two based on it)*

Earlier this year, I watched the first episode of Clannad via an anime channel’s OnDemand service. Before the second episode could appear, the service was canceled. I was sad. I started to enjoy Clannad in that one short episode.

I found that the first volume of the anime had recently gone on sale so I snatched it up. A few weeks later, the next volume came out and I purchased it the day it came out.

The series was fantastic. It’s based on a Japanese “dating sim” game. I know that turns a lot of people off right there. Mention “dating sim” and people tend to look down at you like a monster.

I never played the game, I’ve just seen the anime based on it.

A few days ago, the first volume of the sequel series, Clannad: After Story, was released state-side. It picks up right where the first series left off. If I had to guess, I’d say it begins the next day.

In my fervor to learn more about this series, I came across a horrible spoiler, but I do plan on watching this series in its entirety.


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