Moral Panics


The argument posed in “Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars” by William Patry is familiar to those who have read the writings of Lawrence Lessig, Mark Helprin, Kembrew McLeod, and several other people whose works I have reviewed on this very blog.

Each one of those people listed above has a distinct view on the “copyright wars” – Lessig as a lawyer and professor, Helprin as a writer, and McLeod as a communications professor and “media prankster.”

What viewpoint does Patry bring to the table? He’s the Senior Copyright Counsel at Google, Inc. According to his disclaimer at the front of the book, he did not write this book to spread Google’s point of view, the words written in it are his own and have nothing to do with Google.

It touches on the same ground that each of those writers focus on before venturing into other territory such as Apple and Microsoft missing out on acquiring Overture, a company that paired search results with advertising. Yahoo! bought the company soon afterward.

Oxford University Press page for this book.

Official book blog


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