Bang Zoom may close doors in 2011

I have been on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona for the past week and a half. I plan to be back in Florida by this time tomorrow and will upload massive awesomeness to this site when I get done going over all the data I have collected. But I wanted to do this post.

Today, Anime News Network posted a story about an editorial that Eric Sherman, CEO of Bang Zoom! Entertainment wrote.

He says that if people continue getting their anime via illegal downloads and not buy their domestic releases.

I know my views on this are elsewhere on this site. I tend to dislike English dubbed anime, but I actually like BZE’s dubs, such as their Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star dubs.

Of course, BZE doesn’t distribute the anime they overdub, other companies, such as Bandai do. The anime industry in the US is in dire straits as three of the top anime licensing companies have closed shop within the past year.

Sherman states that “Anime is going to die” but, that isn’t true, not entirely. Dubbed anime in the US is on the verge of dying.

I love Clannad. I bought Clannad and Clannad After Story as English subtitled DVDs, and I love them. Not long ago it was announced that new special editions of Clannad would be released with an English dub. The disc had the original Japanese language with the English subtitles as well.

I was ambivalent. I loved the original language, how would it being in English make it any better. I listened to the first episode and I wasn’t impressed with the dub (which BZE did not do).

I am sure that if BZE had done the dub, it would have been worth acquiring.

ANN story.


2 Responses to “Bang Zoom may close doors in 2011”

  1. BZE can’t force me to buy their product by screaming the sky is falling. I have bought some in the past (e.g. Haruhi), but when it comes down to it, I buy the anime that I like (that is available), not so that a particular company can stay in business.

  2. Bradley Hall Says:

    Dude, too true.

    In order to buy a product, you have to WANT to buy a product. BZE can scream all they want, but if no one wants to buy what they’re selling, there’s nothing they can do.

    They can blame people downloading subbed releases all they want, but is that the real problem? I doubt it. The main problem is companies thinking anime is a goldmine by selling a 3-4 episode DVD for $30 a disc.

    The second problem is it’s hard to check out new anime without dropping that $30 to begin with. It makes it hard to want to watch a new series when the cost is so high to get started.

    Now, if Funimation or Bandai or whoever offered a subscription-based model where you could pay $x.xx per year and receive a DVD in the mail containing an episode or two of every anime they were going to come out with every season, I’d buy that. If the price was right.

    One company tried that with its Anime Test Drive series, but it didn’t really take off. Whenever I order anime from Rightstuff or Animenation, I tend to throw a comment in the comment box about “hooking a brotha up with some anime sampler DVDs” – they typically do.

    To be honest, if BZE’s stakes are tied with Haruhi Suzumiya, I doubt they are going to sell much of the second season as 8 episodes are the same episode repeated several times again and again. Of course, it’s not BZE’s fault that the people behind Haruhi are crazy.

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