Concert in the Desert

On April 25, 2010, while I was in Arizona, a friend of mine and I drove to a location called UB’s Bar in Mesa (not far from Phoenix/Chandler/Gilbert) to watch Sonata Arctica perform. Sonata is a Finnish prog rock band.

Also on the docket were two other bands: Powerglove and Mutiny Within. I had heard of Powerglove before as they’re a videogame rock cover band. I had never heard of Mutiny Within before.

I read the End User License Agreement on my ticket and found that filming the concert or using flash photography was forbidden. But I was able to use non-flash photography.

Of course other people were filming it and taking flash pictures.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Powerglove, they didn’t all turn out that well, though, they seem to be kind of artistic, or just messed up. I’ll let the reader be the judge:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I bought one of their CDs, my friend bought their other one. If I had thought about it at the time, I would have had the band autograph the CD case booklet.

Powerglove was great. Their set list included one of my favorite Mega Man themes: Storm Eagle.

After Powerglove’s set, my friend and I opted to sit out Mutiny Within’s set as we’d never heard of them. After the first or second song I was back on the floor. They seriously rocked. I casually bought their CD as well.

I was rather sad that I didn’t try to take any pictures of them while they played, but I did get a great picture of them.

Bradley Hall, IE author, with two members of Mutiny Within.

After Mutiny Within left the stage, they promised to stick around and hang out with whoever wanted to hang out with them. I thought this was a cool move as most bands I’ve seen live just wanted to leave when their set was done.

It took about an hour for Sonata Arctica’s road crew to set up the stage for their set. It was an annoying hour. But once Sonata Arctica came onstage and started playing, there was one thing very different about this set: There was no mosh pit.

For all of the other bands, there was a mosh pit in the middle-ish of floor. For Sonata Arctica, there was none. Everyone had come to hear this band, not thrash around like idiots. One 13-year-old near me kept trying to start one, but no one would join him. A one-person mosh pit is a sad thing.

I took a few pictures of Sonata Arctica, just like Powerglove, not all of them turned out. I turned flash on and took two pictures with flash. By this point, every other person in the place was using flash. If they were going to start throwing people out, they’d have to throw out several hundred people.

In all, I loved the concert. It was by far the best and most expensive concert I had ever been to. Yes, and I include the time when Less Than Jake’s Chris Demakes flipped me off with both hands.

After Sonata’s set ended, the crowd chanted “So-na-ta, So-na-ta!” over and over again until one of the band members came back on stage and said “You want some more? We’ll see what we can do.” Then he started playing his guitar.

The rest of the band slowly made their way back to the stage and announced a two-song encore. The last song they played was Vodka Song.

When I arrived back at my brother’s house, I drank several shots of vodka I’d bought the day before.

Mutiny Within’s official website.
Powerglove’s official website.
Sonata Arctica’s official website.


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  1. zach cenate Says:

    nice dude

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