The Asian Food Market in the Desert

My brother took me to a shop called Lee-Lee’s. To call it simply an “Asian Food Market” is an injustice. Yes, it has “Asian food” but it has much more than that, as these pictures show.

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I remember balut eggs from an episode of Fear Factor. They have unborn chickens or ducks in them. Eww.

Also, I purchased a few bottles of ramune and a bottle of Pocari Sweat and Calpico/Calpis. I think I got some pocky too.

The Pocari Sweat tasted almost like flavorless Gatorade an the Calpico had a milky sweet taste to it. My brother, his daughter, and myself tried them both one night. My brother and I didn’t really care for the Pocari Sweat, but his daughter enjoyed it. I don’t think any of us cared for the Calpico.

I bought two flavors of ramune, those being melon and strawberry. My favorite ramune is orange flavor. I didn’t dig the melon flavor very much but the strawberry flavor went very well with a bit of vodka.


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