I don’t remember when or how I first found it. If I had to guess, it had to have been sometime around 2004 or 2005.

I’m talking about Muzie. It’s a Japanese website for independent musicians. Spending an hour or so on this website yields untold fortunes in music.

Most of it never before heard. In the US or elsewhere. Sure you can find groups like fripSide or reset who tend to have over 20,000 downloads of each of their offered songs and have become somewhat famous in their own right by providing opening theme songs to anime.

Earlier this year fripSide performed “Only My Railgun” – the opening theme to an anime called “A Certain Scientific Railgun.”

While heavily popular songs may be found, with me, delight is reserved for those songs that don’t have as many downloads, yet are still awesome.

Last night, I found a song called “Secret” by an artist called Pop@de_mode and thoroughly enjoy it. At the time, there was only 1,000 downloads of that song. How many of those were from people in the US? No idea.

This is a site that helps having Google’s Translate function active on. It helps to find the genre pages and find out a bit of information about the songs or the artists. Though, in order to download something, you have to turn off the Translate function.

While a majority of the songs are in Japanese, there is a good selection of English songs, you just have to find them. The genres range from Rock to Pop to Enka to Vocaloid to Ballad to video game, seriously, there’s a lot of music here. You will find something to enjoy.

Muzie main page
Pop@de_mode’s page. Download “Secret”
Kaoru, download “Lovers”


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