What have I found?

While perusing the Internet randomly the other day, I stumbled across a website purporting to be the official website of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. For most of us, this is North Korea.

I cautiously made my way around the site. I have no idea if this is really North Korea’s website or an elaborate prank. A search on InterNIC proved fruitless. All it could tell me was that it exists, not where its servers reside. WHOIS also yielded nothing of importance.

Wikipedia says it’s legit, that’s good enough for me at the moment.

While perusing the site, I found that you can buy a “Korean Friendship Alliance” card that shows that you’re a friend of North Korea. You can also purchase autographed pictures of Dear Leader himself.

I did not stick around long enough to read too much else.

The Official Website of the PDRK
How to get a KFA membership card
Site FAQ page
North Korea’s Wikipedia page


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