Further Adventures in Craziness

File this under the “Things that will likely put me on yet another FBI watch list.”

Earlier today while watching an older (early July) episode of The Colbert Report via OnDemand, Colbert mentioned something about an Al-Qaeda produced online magazine that’s in English… though in the actual report, Colbert made it sound like it was a magazine you could pick up at any grocery store.

Figuring it was a joke, I checked out Wikipedia and found that it does in fact have an entry and might actually be released by Al-Qaeda. Though, every site I’ve read about it on has stated that there’s some things that make them think it’s really by who the magazine claims it’s by, and some things that make them think otherwise.

The magazine is called “Inspire” and as for where it can be found, well, that’s anyone’s guess. None of the sites I read about it on can give a link to it (though one offers a whopping three pictures from it) because they believe the document may have hidden viruses encoded in it.

Apparently, for a time, Archive.org had a copy of it, but it was removed. I found another copy of the magazine on the Archive site, but it’s just the same three pictures from the other website along with a series of dummy text and oddness. I didn’t download the copy to my own machine, but used the file reading function Archive.org features for PDF files.

I tried to check out the Wikileaks site, but it’s currently down.

According to Wikipedia, the magazine contains the statement, “We also call upon and encourage our readers to contribute by sending their articles, comments and suggestions to us.”

It’s also believed that this magazine could have been one of the reasons for the massive WordPress blog shutdown a few weeks ago.

Wikipedia Entry
Atlantic article
Torrentfreak article


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