Vinyl Record Love

I love vinyl records. I have not counted how many I have, but it’s a sizable stack of black discs. I’m not one of those people who say that vinyl is better than CD (which is better than MP3) types.

The only time in recent memory when I have found the CD to be exponentially better than the MP3 (128kbps) was with Bruce Springsteen’s song “Radio Nowhere” – I downloaded the track free from iTunes when it came out (which I guess would really be AAC and not MP3). I played it on my computer, my iPod, and later burned it to a CD and played it.

It was a great song. It made me mark the calendar and buy the album when it came out. When I did and brought it home to play on my CD player, I was blown away. I’m not an audiologist, but something about the song sounded so much better than the file of it I had been used to playing.

Today on BoingBoing, Xeni Jardin posted a thing about a guy who makes art using old records, the one shown on the site is most likely an old 78RPM record, well, a few of the commentators on the entry seem to think, personally I can’t get that good of a look at it to make that kind of a judgment call between 78 and 33 1/3.

A few other commentators caught my eye.

One posted a link to an NPR article from 2007 about a guy who created a machine that takes pictures of records and is able to extrapolate the sound those records would have produced if played on a regular turntable. It’s now being used by the Library of Congress to digitize some of their collection.

Another commentator posted a link to an RCA documentary on how they produced these records “back in the day.” The link for this video is below.

BoingBoing entry
NPR article
RCA record production documentary


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