Facebook Torrent Explosion

By now everyone has most likely heard all about the recent news where a Pirate Bay user created some kind of bots that scoured Facebook looking for profiles that weren’t privacy blocked and was able to amass a list of 100 million users.

He then posted this as a Torrent file on The Pirate Bay for anyone to download.

I downloaded the file and I would LOVE to be able to tell you what is in it, but none of the files will open on my computer. Oh sure I can open the .rar files. Inside the .rar files are extremely large .txt files. Seriously large.

How does a 10GB .txt document sound to you? It’s FLIPPING HUGE!

By comparison, my .doc of Bram Stoker’s Dracula is 1.67MB. Let’s do this in a way that’s easily comparable:

10000MB – size of ONE of the unrared folders in the Facebook dump.
1.67MB – size of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

My system clogs when it tries to open any of these files (except for Dracula, Dracula’s cool).

Granted, my computer is not the most up to date. My computer will top out at a maximum of 1GB of RAM. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the main system bottlenecks preventing me from utilizing this information.

I currently have the smallest .txt file found in the dump trying to load, it’s only 80MB.

If you want to download the file yourself, I have linked it below. You need a Torrent program to download it as well was Winrar. If either of these terms befuddle you, I would not recommend trying to download this file.

You have been warned. Do not cry to me if something goes wrong.


Just as I clicked for this post to go live, that file opened in Notepad. I have pasted a picture of it below so you can see what it looks like. I will try to do the others as well. Since these files unrar to be so large, I will be deleting them as I examine them. I will, however, keep the original .rar file, as it’s only just under 3GB. Text files compress very well.

The file this came from was the file called facebook-lastname-withcount

Pirate Bay link for this file


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