I just don’t know anymore

People really love their cuss words, don’t they? They love them so much that they’re often the first things people learn when learning a new language.

Some years ago my brother came across a song that basically said that the F-word could be used as any part of a sentence and could also be nearly every word in a sentence.

Today I found two other things that have to do with the learning of cuss words (never did get why some people call them swear words or curse words, it’s not Avada Kedavra or anything).

The first video I found on BoingBoing earlier. It’s a Korean teacher teaching a class about American cuss words. He claims this is the first time he’s said most of them.

This second one is a bit odd. I found it via a piece on Anime News Network about an upcoming manga collaboration between the US Armed Forces in Japan and a manga company that is famous for a series called Martian. The series is going to be written by a manga-ka famous for a creating a series that teaches people how to speak like a Marine, which, apparently is cussing every other word.

If you go to this link Right Here you can find the picture I posted above. Under the picture, is a media bar where you are taught how to use the sentence.

This is too much madness.


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