File a file to get a file

Last week I posted quite a few posts that I joked might put me on a government watch list. Now, I seek to find out if I have ever been on any watch lists. If I wasn’t before, I’m surely going to be now.

I found the website “Get My FBI File” (link below). I input my information, printed it off, added the information I had to write in, included a copy of my ID and mailed it off today. This site is not related the US Government or any of the below named organizations.

I sent a letter to the CIA, NSA, FBI (local office), and FBI (national office). I wanted to send one to the Department of Homeland Security, but that wasn’t one of the places mentioned on the site I used.

What happens now? Well, if it turns out I am a wanted individual, I will most likely be apprehended in a spectacular manner. The FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) page says that they try to handle FOIA requests as soon as possible.

After a period of time, I’m figuring three months or so, I’ll receive what they call a “OPCA16” document.

In the past I have applied to all three organizations for a job, so at the very least I will most likely receive information regarding my applications.

The Freedom of Information Act is an act that fosters openness in Government and in other governmental organizations. It is incredibly useful for finding information.

This post only marks the third time I have used the Freedom of Information Act to seek information.

Regardless of what information I obtain from this exercise, I will post the results here.

Get my FBI file site

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