Lunar Silver Star Story Complete OST Review

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete OST
Published by Working Designs
Product Code:SLUS-00628/00899
Music by Noriyuki Iwadare
Release Date 6-1-99
Review by Variable Rush

[Note: This review first appeared on Chudah’s Corner, a site that reviewed video game music. The review was written July 1, 2004. I have been looking over my computer trying to get rid of things I no longer need and trying to bring order to chaos as far as my documents are concerned. When I find an old review or something else of worth, I will post it here. None of these items from the past have been modified or tweaked.]

I will always remember when I bought this game. It was during a Hurricane Warning. I was walking around Wal-Mart, people were running left and right buying water, batteries, bleach, and everything else the corporations told them they needed for a hurricane. Other than people killing each other for batteries, the Electronics Department was silent. I wanted a new game, Final Fantasy VIII wasn’t due out for a few months and I wanted something that I could play until it came out.

I found LUNAR in a corner of the game case, all alone, it’s packaging with Alex on the cover waving a wicked cool sword seemed to call out to me, “Come Rush, play, you won’t be disappointed.” When I bought it, I asked the clerk where they sold the portable generators. Fortunately, the power never went out and the storm passed us over.

Working Designs claims they love their fans, and if the kind of stuff they cram inside their games is any indication, they want to marry us. Lunar came bundled with two game CD’s (the game is on two discs, it is not two games), the soundtrack, a making-of video, a map of Lunar, and a vinyl bound instruction manual that also includes interviews with the people who helped make the game. It is also believed that several versions of the game were released where the discs had different pictures on them.

I was glad that Working Designs chose to include a soundtrack CD, because I would have traveled anywhere for a copy of it. It’s that good. The soundtrack was created by Noriyuki Iwadare, a relative unknown in a world of Uematsu’s and Mitsuda’s. Iwadare created the game’s theme song first and then included the melody in almost all of the game’s songs.

The CD also features songs from the original LUNAR game on the SEGA Saturn. The talented Jenny Stigle, who is Working Designs resident singer, sings two of the game’s vocal tracks. She does an excellent job on the opening theme and “The Boat Song” which, even without the game visuals to back it up is a very emotionally stirring piece of music about a young woman, who is struggling with her concept of life and love.

I highly recommend this soundtrack for anyone, game enthusiast or not, though if you are on this site, you probably are.

I give this soundtrack a 93% A


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