Define the Great Line

[Note: Written in July 2006. No idea why I reviewed an Underoath CD either. Never published.]

Underoath hits the shelves again with their fifth album, the first in two years. Released June 20th, Define The Great Line is their second album featuring former This Runs Through frontman Spencer Chamberlain on vocals. Before their last album, They’re Only Chasing Saftey, Dallas Taylor lead vocals.

The majority of the album falls into the “hard and heavy” category. On pieces like “There Could Be Nothing After This” the vocals are raw and the guitars thrashing. The final track on the album, “To Whom It May Concern” brings to mind Guns N Roses era ballads like “November Rain.”

The single for this album, “Writing on the Walls” opens slow with deliberate lyrics, then segues into a scream fest for most of the song before scaling back down for a moment then hitting it again for the ending.

As a Christian band, most of Underoath’s lyrics also feature religious undertones reflecting the beliefs of the band members

Most of the lyrics, such as those in “A Moment Suspended in Time” feel more like an internal monologue conveying thoughts and feelings as well as a clearly defined narrative structure. And that’s where this album shines. When you listen past the strained half-yell, half-singing voice of Spencer’s and just listen to the words you feel a greater understanding of what exactly is being said.

In the end, Define the Great Line is a brilliant work of post-hardcore rock.


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