iPhone’s Flaw

[Note: This piece is from June 2008. Can’t remember why it was written either. Yes, I know that the iPhone 4 just came out.]

Last week Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 2.0 in front of over 5000 screaming Apple fans. Truly, the now $199 device is a veritable geek-gasm of awesomeness in a svelte aluminum and glass case.

There’s just one problem: What the hell is it?

Steve went over a laundry list of improvements, upgrades, and new features that make iPhone 2.0 a lot more than iPhone 1.0.

The new iPhone is sleeker and sexier than its bulky predecessor and packs a lot more beef under the hood, such as 3G support, support for Microsoft Office formatted documents, Internet capability, the ability to download songs from iTunes, calendar and datebook support, pictures, video games and other applications are available at the appropriately named App Store.

So… it’s a device that replaces my laptop, Nintendo DS, datebook, iPod, and Blackberry all in one. There’s just one problem, with all those applications and programs, where’s the phone?

Yes, the phone, a device used to talk to people over long distances, first invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The reason most people buy a cell phone is to talk to people over long distances.

Sure, you could send them an email with the device, but can you use the iPhone to actually call people?

Apple seems to have left this call off the hook.


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